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What. The. Fuck?
(600x800 355K)
The "Central St Giles" development, from Earnshaw St
(800x600 176K)
Defy the smoking ban with snuff! (Trevor Arms, Glynde)
(400x580 399K)
Yeh can't give baby booze! or: this is why I'm Uncle Evil
(640x480 57K)
Mine! All mine!
(553x802 366K)
Thankyou for smoking!
(800x600 78K)
Cigars come in terribly posh wrappings, only spoilt somewhat by the garish special delivery sticker and the barcode
(600x800 89K)
Om nom nom nom nom
(481x800 397K)
A pile of computers - from bottom to top, 15" Mac Book Pro, Asus Eee 900, Toshiba Libretto 50CT, and my phone, a Palm Treo 680.
(800x538 265K)
The canteen at work has been taken over by hippies!
(480x640 136K)
I got an Evil Hello Kitty from Mary for Christmas! Yay!
(640x480 58K)
Advert, December 2008: Because men are fat slobs, or because only women are shallow and vain enough to care?
(800x550 310K)
Burial At Thebes, an opera at the Globe theatre
(640x480 72K)
Eek! A U-boat in the Thames! (photo by Mary)
(800x600 568K)
Route 38, London: if the bus driver is having visions, the last thing I'm going to do is try to talk to them!
(640x480 56K)
Bunny pancake, Teesdale, Aug 2008
(800x532 591K)
Bernd das Barrister, Helmbrechts, New Year 2008
(450x800 235K)
The London Eye, behind Horse Guards, 2007-06-20
(800x450 316K) (full size)
Une barbe et son Simon, 2007-03-09
(800x768 472K)
Mr. Gellyfish shows off his tentickles, 2007-02-08
(800x626 269K)
Snow at Thornton Heath station, 2007-02-08
(800x500 287K) (full size)
Ruth Cantrell and Jack Nicholson: seperated at birth?
(800x532 359K)
Michael and Teh Phear, 2006-12-13
(800x533 384K)
Shadowy Matt, 2006-12-13
(334x800 195K) (full size)
Happy Christmas from the Health and Safety Nazis, 2006
(700x1033 765K)
I don't think you wanted to park there - Melfort Rd, Thornton Heath, 2006-11-23
(800x450 475K) (map)
Maison Touaregue, Greek St / Old Compton St, Soho, 2006-11-18
(800x450 276K) (map)