David Cantrell's Photographs

Alfriston, Sep 2008 and Jan 2009


Scouting for the LBW 2010 in Alfriston

Market Square
(800x450 350K) (map)
High Street
(800x450 266K)
The back of the hall
(800x450 427K)
River Cuckmere
(800x450 385K) (map) (full size)
Clergy House
(800x450 423K) (map) (full size)
The Old Smugglers Inn
(800x532 314K) (full size)
The Star Inn
(800x532 297K)
Carving on outside of Star Inn
(450x800 276K)
The George Inn
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Church, and part of the village green
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Main hall
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Small hall
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View from the back of the hall
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