David Cantrell's Photographs

Bexhill, 27 Sep 2008


An exhibition of 40 years of Mum's church embroidery, at St Michael's church

There are also some extra photos that I didn't think worthy of putting in the album here
27.ii. Loaned by Neil Chatfield, symbolism of growth and hope (tree and rainbow) applied fabrics and ribbons on a furnishing fabric.
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(532x800 465K) (full size)24. Ordination stole. Lamb symbolising Christ crucified. The embroidered silk threads continue into a handmade tassel. Made for Dvid Gilmore, 2003.
(532x800 353K)
(692x800 523K) (full size)(532x800 361K) (full size)24. Chasuble, silk, painted, appliquéd on the front and hand embroidered
(532x800 322K) (full size)
(532x800 450K)(532x800 406K) (full size)Patchwork bookmark, marking hymn no 381 "Jerusalem the Golden" in the New English Hymnal, which inspired the stole in the next image
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22. Canvaswork slip cover with a design of the cross of St Peter and the Dove of the Holy Spirit. The stole is embroidered on a patchwork of silks.
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21. A small album of photographs and work samples from Louis Grossé, for whom Mum worked for three and a half years.
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19. Cope, commissioned by Charter's Ancaster School for St Peters' church, Bexhill, 1996. Orphrey and morse in canvas work with appliqué and couched metallic threads. Handmade tassel for the cowl hood, neck protector, silk edged in tatting.
(532x800 356K) (full size)
16. Cope and humeral veil made for Neil Chatfield, 2000. Darkness and light symbolise storm and calm. Stole of pieced blue silk, whales' tails in couched silver jap.
(532x800 356K) (full size)
13. Green chasuble for St Anne's church, Lewes, 1990. Woollen fabric, design worked in or nué (coloured gold)
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4. Mother's Union banner, Ss Peter and John and Baptist, Wivelsfield, 1992. At their request, a near-copy of their previous banner.
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15. Etched glass design matching the theme of the wall-hangings
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