David Cantrell's Photographs

Hastings, 17 Dec 2004


A couple of good friends of mine were gigging in The Carlisle in Hastings, and I went down to spend the weekend there.

It's hard taking photographs of a band, cos they're always moving, and especially in a dark pub. It was either really long exposures, or use the flash. I don't like flash photography. The flash completely overwhelms the ambient light - what little of it there is - and often sucks the personality out of the scene. On the other hand, the lighting was so uneven, basically just a few floor-level spots, that with a long exposure some parts are nastily over-exposed. I guess when I finish readingread the manual I might be able to sort that out.

(316x800 178K)
Clive at the bar (no, he's not drunk!)
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There's a drummer in there somewhere ...
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Joffy and John (and Sid, hiding behind John)
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Joffy ROCKS on the pool table
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Joffy and Sid
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