David Cantrell's Photographs

Lake District, 22 - 23 Oct 2005


A long weekend in the Lake District. We were actually there from very late on the 21st, leaving on the 24th. While Ruth and Rachel wandered far and wide, I pottered around with camera and tripod.
The road outside Thorney How youth hostel, where we spent the first two nights
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Autumnal colours in Grasmere village
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Grasmere itself
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Trees reflected in Grasmere
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Near the sunken village of Armboth
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Looking south from Dale Bottom the fells look almost Alpine
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Rose hip growing next to Helvellyn Gill
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Biker near the top of Kirkstone Pass
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Kirkstone Pass Inn, mostly obscured by clouds
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Kirkstone Pass Inn
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Founded in 1496 if you believe the pub sign. Who cares, the beer and food are good.
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Southern end of Ullswater
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... and again ...
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A cygnet (young swan) by Ullswater
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More of Ullswater
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Ullswater near sunset
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