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Linuxbierwanderung, Aug 2003


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The 2003 Linuxbierwanderung - the fifth annual event - was in the village of Tajov, near Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. I travelled there via Munich and Vienna ...
Josef at Schwechat station (Vienna) on 9 Aug.
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Town square, Banska Bystrica, 10 Aug - looking down towards fountain and war memorial
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The view down the valley from the campsite
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The view from my room in Penzion Slniecko
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Dinner at Penzion Slniecko, 10 Aug
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Henrik takes a photograph of me!
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Daniel and Dave Freeman playing a 9x9 game of Go. Daniel won.
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The sun shining through leaves at the camp site
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Josef with the three most addictive drugs known to man - beer, go and pretzels
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Pool party!
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Jasan serenades us on the accordion
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The Dutch contingent
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Smile for the camera!
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Mars rose during the barbie. It has its closest approach to Earth in recorded history a few days after the LBW. I took several photos of it. This is the clearest, post-processed in two different ways. I think I can make out some surface features. On the other hand, it might just be CCD noise.
In colour ...
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... and black and white
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