David Cantrell's Photographs

Linuxbierwanderung, Aug 2003


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The 2003 Linuxbierwanderung - the fifth annual event - was in the village of Tajov, near Banska Bystrica, Slovakia...
A small farm, viewed through trees
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Dave Freeman in Banska Bystrica, 14 Aug
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Marco in Banska Bystrica, 14 Aug
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Damned fine beer
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C15 ceiling in Banska Bystrica town museum
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Museum of the Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis from 29 Aug 1944 onwards
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Memorial to those killed in the uprising and the holocaust
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War memorial, Banska Bystrica
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"To the heroes of the Red Army who fell for the freedom of the Soviet Union and the rebirth of the Czechoslovak republic"
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