David Cantrell's Photographs

Linuxbierwanderung, Aug 2005


The 2005 Linuxbierwanderung - the seventh annual event - was in the village of Killin, in Stirlingshire, Scotland, by Loch Tay. One of these has been featured by the Tate gallery as part of a web thing for an exhibition of Constable's work!

Henrik crossing a stile below Meall nan Tarmachan and Ben Lawers
(800x402 287K) (map)
Ben Lawers dam
(800x524 423K) (map)
Edradour distillery
(800x532 514K) (map) (full size)
Boat trip on Loch Tay
(800x532 457K) (map)
More larking about in boats
(800x606 447K)
Loch Tay Monster
(800x532 378K)
Dead tree by Loch Tay
(532x800 505K) (full size)
Waterskier, Loch Tay
(800x347 266K)
Trees, water, clouds - ah, this must be Scotland
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Bridge at Kenmore
(800x547 558K) (map)
The Mull ferry, seen on our trip to Oban
(800x279 187K) (map)
A seal
(800x541 612K) (map) (full size)
Another seal
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Oban Bay
(532x800 279K) (map) (full size)
Hills, water, clouds - yep, stil Scotland
(800x532 349K)
Jenny explains the difference between latex, LaTeX and PVC
(800x532 215K)
Edwin gets excited about Whitespace, winning €50 in the process for the best Lightning Talk
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Glen Lyon
(800x532 461K) (map)
Bridge in Glen Lyon
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