David Cantrell's Photographs

London 19 Oct 2002


One of the gasometers at Battersea gasworks, taken from in Battersea Park (map) (1024x768, 347K) Battersea power station, taken from in the park (map) (1024x768, 315K) Someone relaxing under a tree in Hyde Park. The tree is more interesting than the man. (map) (1024x768, 347K) Reflection of sun on water, the Serpentine, Hyde Park (map) (1024x768, 183K)
Two men in a boat, autumnal trees in background, Serpentine, Hyde Park (map) (1024x768, 246K) Couple in a boat, stone bridge and autumnal trees. Eastern end of Serpentine, Hyde Park (map) (1024x768, 237K) Close-up of a pansy in the rose garden, Hyde Park (map) (1024x768, 132K) The Natwest Tower, the Big Dildo-shaped Building, and the Barclays Tower, looking over Waterloo Bridge from Hungerford Bridge (1024x768, 183K)
Cranes over the redevelopment of Paternoster Square, from southern end of Blackfriars Bridge (map) (1024x768, 179K) Waterloo Bridge and Victoria Embankment, from pier next to Blackfriars Bridge just before sunset (map) (1024x768, 166K) Decoration on what's left of the western side of Blackfriars railway bridge (map) (525x700, 117K)