David Cantrell's Photographs

London, 1 Oct 2005


Little Mønkeys, a band that some good friends of mine rock in, needed some new photos for their web site and stuff. And so I took some around Spitalfields and Bankside.
(800x631, 445K)
(800x734, 518K)
Frying Pan Alley
(800x532, 698K) (full size)
(624x800, 395K) (800x532, 372K) (full size) (800x738, 448K)
(547x800, 333K) (full size) (673x800, 428K) (800x576, 344K)
Behold my Photoshop skills!
(800x662, 251K) (full size)
Another version, using the same original (800x662, 352K) (full size) (800x639, 333K)
Oh no, it's gone all 70s
(800x639, 409K)
(800x704, 388K) (full size) Grargh!
(625x800, 410K)
(800x551, 320K) (full size) (800x384, 292K) (full size) (800x532, 413K)
(800x604, 421K) (598x800, 463K) (full size) Ian
(372x800, 281K) (full size)
Wise Monkeys
(800x289, 233K)
(630x800, 450K) (765x800, 557K) (full size)
(517x800, 443K) (534x800, 454K) (full size)