David Cantrell's Photographs

Northumberland, 28 Apr - 1 May 2006


A long weekend away in Northumberland near Hadrian's Wall with Ruth. One of these has been featured by the Tate gallery as part of a web thing for an exhibition of Constable's work!

Ruth in a hypocaust at Chesters (Cilurnum)
(800x532 501K) (map)
A tree at Birdoswald
(532x800 237K) (map) (full size)
Lambs grazing in the fort at Birdoswald
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A chaffinch at Birdoswald
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(800x532 506K) (full size)Perimeter wall at Birdoswald
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Hadrian's wall at Walltown Crags
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The Empire's brave sheep sally forth to attack the barbarian Scots
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Daffodil at Vindolanda
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Robin at Vindolanda
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Kielder Water from Bull Crag Peninsula
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Larch cone
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