David Cantrell's Photographs

Portugal, September May 2005


After the YAPC::Europe 2005 conference in Braga, Portugal, I spent the weekend in Porto, famed for being the city of port wine. But first, I visited the Bom Jesus church in the hills over Braga. In the immortal words of the philosophers Bill & Ted, "there were many steps and columns. It was most tranquil."
From the outside ...
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And inside. Nice to see that Catholics are paying attention to Exodus 20:4 and Mark 10:21
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Under the dome
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The church was built in 1784
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and has some pleasant gardens below it
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Then I got a bus to Braga railway station where I met Simon Cozens and a Stray Toaster, with whom I toddled off to Porto.
Fancy tilework inside Porto station
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Ponte de Dom Luis I - the top deck carries a light railway, the bottom a road, although it was originally built to carry two roads
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Train crossing the bridge
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It's nice to see people still live in the touristy bit of town
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Monastery, from Dom Luis bridge
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Ribeira, the oldest part of the city. My hotel was the yellow building in the middle
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Barges, sadly just for show these days
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Archbishop's Palace (on the right) above the Ribeira
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The Ramos Pinto lodge
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Ramos Pinto lodge again
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What the Fuck?
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The Stray Toaster
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Port lodges in the evening
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Maria Pia bridge, designed by Gustav Eiffel
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Arrabida Bridge
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Porto Cathedral
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The city, from top of Torre Clerigos
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Prince Henry the Navigator, who was allegedly born in Porto, and who founded the Portuguese empire
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