David Cantrell's Photographs

Teesdale, 30 - 31 Aug 2008


Weekend in Teesdale with Ruth, Alice and Solveig

(800x532 207K) (map) (full size)
River Tees
(800x532 310K) (map) (full size)
Cronkley Scar
(588x800 266K) (map) (full size)
Dead sheep - thank goodness that Smell-o-Vision was a dismal failure, as this was fucking minging
(800x600 643K) (map) (full size)
Heather below Falcon Clints
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Alice and Solveig
(532x800 288K) (map) (full size)
Cauldron Snout
(532x800 288K) (map) (full size)
In the woods at High Force
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High Force
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Juniper growing near High Force
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Juniper roots
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Flowers in a riverside meadow attract a bee
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Canoeist at Low Force
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Wynch Bridge
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