David Cantrell's Photographs

West country, 7 June 2003 - 9 June 2003


It was my father's 60th birthday recently, and we took him for a day driving steam trains. Of course, we wanted it to be a surprise so although we were away for a whole weekend, he didn't actually find out what was going on until his Monday appointment with the steam doctor ...
My mother, in the garden of the Rowbarge, Woolhampton. In the background is the Kennet and Avon canal.
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Looking up-river from the island garden of the Old City Mill where we stayed in Winchester.
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A small plant growing on a wall in the Mill garden.
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That plant again ...
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Another plant, growing on the abandoned railway line near Kings Somborne.
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And finally, on Monday ... he got to drive this here.
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Briefing with the instructor ...
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Looking along the train ...
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And afterwards. Looks like he had a good time :-)
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