David Cantrell's Photographs

York, Christmas 2005


I spent Christmas in York, looking after Ruth's house with Mum and Dad.

Ruins of York Abbey
(634x800 592K) (map)
Tourist boats tied up by Lendal Bridge
(744x800 494K) (map) (full size)
(800x532 353K) (map) (full size)
Walking in Great Fryup Dale
(800x533 634K) (map)
Detail of the west front of the Minster
(800x440 375K) (map)
West front
(800x532 569K)
North-west tower
(532x800 526K)
Constantine the Great
(651x800 745K)
Minster nave
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(399x800 492K)
Banner detail
(800x532 773K) (full size)
Detail on back of banner
(800x532 544K)
Chapter house ceiling
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Dad in the Star Inn, Stonegate
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Rievaulx Abbey with a light dusting of snow
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(671x800 654K)(800x532 562K)
Mum and Dad in Ryedale
(532x800 476K) (map)
Ancient oak
(532x800 322K) (map)
West end of Byland abbey
(800x752 288K) (map) (full size)
Byland Abbey in silhouette
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(532x800 146K) (full size)